How 360° VR Wedding Video captures you forever.

How 360° VR Wedding Video captures you forever.

When I was thinking of proposing I wanted to capture the moment is a special way. I wanted to take that moment in time a bottle it up, preserve it for the next 20–30 years in a way that I could relive in the future.

I wanted to be able to show my grand kids, one how good I looked when I was younger and how I got down to one knee in front of Vanessa. When we returned from the Arenal Mountain resort in Costa Rica I showed this to my father-in-law. He cried because he watched it in a headset and was there living our moment. 

Years later 360° video technology makes it easy to share these moment live in VR. That is why I created to help people in love capture and share these magical moments in a new way. 

What if you have family & friends out of town and around the world? I wanted to create a way for everyone can attend virtually and there is no headset required and view on your phone, computer or tablet. 

There is nothing like the feeling of being in two places at once that you get from 360° VR. However when that place is a special moment in your life you can relive your wedding rather than re-watch it.