Does LiveKnot work for destination weddings? We have family in different countries. 

Liveknot was built to for one purpose. To give everyone an opportunity to share special events.  Every wedding is a destination wedding to family and friend that live out of town. With LiveKnot all your friends and family can watch your wedding live in 360 video. 

Do you charge by the hour? 

Yes. The basic 4K VR camera package covers 1-2 hours of the wedding ceremony and 1-2 hours of the reception. Find out more about pricing in your area here!

Ask about our 20-30% customer discount for sharing your wedding on our site. 

Can we make our wedding private? 

We use Youtube to stream live but we can setup a password protected login so only invited guests can view the event 360 VR wedding livestream.

Some couples prefer to share the wedding with the world and let it go viral. That is your choice as well. 

Do viewers need a VR headset? 


No. Most viewers actually watch 360 content on there smart phones.  LiveKnot works on desktops, tablets and mobile phones as well as VR headsets.  If a viewer has a VR headset they can watch in VR via Youtube live.