NASA Space Apps Challenge

I first discovered Virtual Reality in 2013 at coding challenge NASA holds every year. It was my first time at an event like this and someone had a new VR headset but didn't know how to use it. I said, we are going to Mars with this, and in 36 hours our team had a created a working VR tour of Mars. We won a prize for "Most Inspirational Idea" and my life was never the same.    

After learning all I could about VR production I tried to capture my wedding in VR because I know that I would be able to relive that special day and share it.

Our Story

In 2015,  I was planning to get married so during our trip to Costa Rica I pretended to be capturing the scenic vista but instead I set my VR camera to capture my proposal. I didn't realize how amazing it would be to re-live a special moment until I got back home and started to share the VR Video. My Father-In-Law asked “How did you propose?”, I said “Watch for yourself” then but the headset on him. He cried because he was there watching me get down to one knee in front of his lovely daughter in that moment.

Of course, when I got married I tried to create a 360° VR Wedding Video. I got 10 seconds of footage because I could not be the wedding videographer at my own wedding. I was a bit distracted. That is when I decided to create a service for others that offered the kind of innovative VR wedding videos that I really wanted.  I wanted to be able to relive my wedding in my old ago and share with others around the world.


TRying to Capture my wedding

It did'nt work! 

A photo can capture a moment and a video can capture an event but only a 360° video can transport you to that time and place in a way that nothing else can. It is like putting your special day in a time-capsule and being able to revisit it at anytime.


I captured a live 360° video of the Women's March in D.C. that received 3.5 million views on Facebook. Not everyone wants their wedding to go viral online, but for those that do we offer Facebook live wedding videos in both 360° VR and traditional formats.


Our goal is to capture the world in 360 and create opportunities young people to explore new technologies. A portion of our revenue goes to youth technology training programs in unrecognized communities. Join us in creating something special that will last a lifetime.