We Make Every Wedding a Destination.

Why is capturing your wedding in 360° video better?  Simple, your closest family and friends will be at the wedding and all your Facebook friends and followers can attend live as well, virtually. Every wedding is a destination to viewers around the world.



Live to Facebook & Youtube

All your hundreds of friends on Facebook can attend your wedding and be a part of your special day. With a LiveKnot video you can share this event with a private group of family and friends around the world or with a select group of friends & family. The choice is yours.


Professional Edited Video

We provide professional, 4k HD quality wedding videos that you will enjoy for a life-time. Your live wedding is recorded and captured for all time, and the edited version of the video will be delivered within 2 weeks for your approval.



Virtual Reality 360° Video

Can't invite everyone? Someone special can't physically attend? 
With LiveKnot those who can't make it will be able to be in two places at once. Guests can attend your wedding live from anywhere in the world. They can view your special day live with a mobile phone, tablet, computer or VR headset.